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"A place where minds of the future citizens are mounded, habits, attitudes and behavior patterns are found. Its function is to purify, simplify and balance the activities of the society."

Kalvipoongaa Educational and Cultural Trust – 09.12.2013

An institution is only as good as the leaders that steer it onward. In that aspect, Nalandha Schools in Ariyalur is truly blessed. The school is founded and managed by a group of eminent academicians, who, pooled together have more than 20 years of academic experience. The Nalandha School Ariyalur team of visionaries work ceaselessly to provide students with futuristic learning technologies and also endow them with life skills that would help them succeed in the real world.

Nalandha School Ariyalur management team boasts of a robust team of committed professionals who are driven by a strong sense of social values. They serve as a guiding light to the students encouraging them to show more love, compassion and affection to the less fortunate souls of this world. In this, they practice rather than preach with each and every member of this prestigious management team undertaking social activities with great élan.

Nalandha High School Ariyalur is an icon for academic brilliance in Ariyalur. Spread over an impressive 20 –acre campus, this massive school is the epicenter for academic excellence. Nalandha Nursery & Primary, Higher Secondary School is located on Ariyalur to Sendurai main Road at Rayampuram in Ariyalur Dist.

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